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The name “Crippled Steps” was chosen as a reflection of Jacob’s humbled spirit after his encounter with God at Penuel. When God touched Jacob that night and caused his lifelong handicap, He radically changed the patriarch’s worldview in the process. By creating in Jacob a physically broken man, he opened Jacob’s eyes to his own shortcomings and to God’s unmerited favor. With every step he took for the remainder of his life, Jacob was left with a lasting reminder of God’s astounding grace.

I must be forthcoming: I have nothing new or extraordinary to say. I am just a worthless wretch, redeemed by the unmerited favor of God into the infinite riches of His grace. I know that God has much to teach me, and much crippling left to do. It is my desire that this blog would serve as an expression of my own halting steps as God touches my heart, breaks me of my own ways, and fashions me into a more perfect reflection of His glory. With the Lord’s Hand upon it, my prayer for this blog is that it would edify and admonish other believers to see Christ in a more glorified light, and to show forth – in their own lives – glimpses of that glory with every crippled step they take.

In the Service of the Savior,


Hebrews 11:26-27


  1. Thank you, Jeremy, for “Crippled Steps”. I found you early this morning as I sought to find some small bit of understanding to why God did not take away the pain and difficulty that I face in my effort to pursue ministering in His name. The blog about Mary and Martha led me to the one about Jesus teaching in the Synagogue at Nazareth. I really needed that one today and I am sure I will need it for the rest of my days to come. May God bless you as you inquire of Him and search for His leading.

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